Valentine’s Day – romantic dinners, chocolates, flowers, and for many, a romp in the bedroom. If you or your partner has erectile dysfunction, however, that last item may not make it onto the list. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the medical term for impotence. If you do have symptoms of ED, we have other ways to make Valentine’s Day memorable (and we also offer treatments for ED).

What Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction can occasionally occur in any man’s life. Too little sleep, high stress levels, psychological problems or too much alcohol can all cause symptoms of ED. Chronic ED, however, is more likely to have a medical cause, such as spinal cord injury, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease. Some medications may also cause ED. Whatever the reason, the primary problem is that the penis does not become engorged with blood, so it remains flaccid instead of becoming erect with sexual stimulation.

Get Creative and Romantic this Valentine’s Day

It’s important to recognize that ED need not prevent a romantic Valentine’s Day. All of the other activities associated with this holiday are still available. Even more important, do something that is very personal and important to your partner. Create a Valentine, write a poem, paint a picture or take your partner to some place that is significant to you both.

Is your partner the sort of person who would rather go camping or on some other kind of trip? Make sure you tell him/her how much you care and what makes them special to you. All of these activities make your significant other feel loved. Not to forget, there are also other ways to offer sexual satisfaction without intercourse. Be creative in the bedroom and know that making your partner happy and comfortable starts with open communication and an open mind.

ED Treatment

ED can be treated in many cases. The classic option is the “little blue pill.” Although there are several oral medicines for ED, these are not always the preferred method – as they are often associated with adverse side effects.

Typically, treatment depends on the cause. In the case of a temporary problem like too much alcohol, abstaining should solve things. Chronic stress or psychological difficulties may also be treated with behavior modification or psychological counseling. If you have diabetes or heart disease and are obese, weight loss may improve both conditions and also make you feel better about your physical appearance.

Although less invasive treatments are always the first choice, sometimes surgery (penis implant) may seem like the only thing that will fit the bill. Penis implants come in two forms – an inflatable device and a rod that can be manipulated to create an erection. Although there have been many successes with surgery for erectile dysfunction, this is not always the most preferred choice for patients.

At Cure Men’s ED, we offer a solution that does not require the intervention of drugs or surgery. This means patient’s do not have to worry about adverse side effects and or invasive procedures with long recovery times. This is a completely natural solution to solve and cure erectile dysfunction.

Don’t let ED spoil your Valentine’s Day; contact us at 1.800.831.2234 to discuss your options.