How ED can put a Rift Between Partners in and out of the Bedroom

For many couples or partners, the discussion of sex may feel taboo. Unfortunately, whether it’s discussing what pleasures your partner or what is not working in the bedroom, avoiding the discussion is a common route to take. There are a number of complications that can inhibit fun sexual activity; if your partner is suffering from erectile dysfunction, there are many steps you can take to help him, and you, overcome the obstacle.

Open Communication is Key

The good news is that it doesn’t have to derail you. Erectile dysfunction is extremely common, compounded by age, health conditions, or stress. Overcoming ED can be complicated, but constant open communication is one of the most important steps.

Discussing Erectile Dysfunction

This may be one of the hardest conversations you ever have. From day one, men are taught to take pride in their prowess. Society seemingly rewards potent men. When they can’t perform they have concerns and find it difficult to discuss. The fear of not pleasing their partner can be overwhelming.

Discuss it anyway. You need to understand the reason why your man can’t perform. If having the conversation from an emotional standpoint is too sensitive, perhaps discuss it from a medical perspective. Educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure, diabetes, prostate issues, and certain medications can all factor into ED. Encourage your man to have a general health checkup and support him.

Talk About Other Ways to Have Fun

Just because there are performance issues, it does not diminish your need for intimacy. Cuddling, enjoying hobbies together, spending time together are all ways to meet your needs. Taking sex off the table may reduce the pressure he feels to perform. Alternatively, switching things up in the bedroom may reignite passion and lead to arousal. The key is to have fun with your partner, experiment, and not make demands.

Have Patience with Your Man

Whether the source of your partner’s erectile dysfunction is physical or emotional, a solution takes time. Showing patience is pivotal to his physical and emotional well-being. Men generally don’t ask for support, but he needs it, especially when he is struggling.

Go to The Doctor with Him

You are his trusted partner, his confidant, and often, his voice. He needs your emotional support and may need you to ask questions. You might be able to offer key insights to his doctor. If he needs you, be there for him.

Encourage Him

More than anything, encourage him to seek answers, talk about his feelings and needs, ask you how you are feeling, and seek help. Men tend to be “doctor-avoidant”, so it is important that he has your support. You might even find that going through this experience together strengthens your relationship in ways you never imagined possible.

If you and your partner continue to struggle with erectile dysfunction, we may have a solution for you.

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