Aging can bring about a flood of changes. Some changes are good, and then there are other changes that aren’t too favorable. Unfortunately, sex may fall into this category. As we age, sex may bring on more complications and more frustration. For men particularly, one major obstacle many have to overcome is erectile dysfunction (ED). In fact, men who are 75 or older have a 77.5 percent chance of developing ED.

Why Does Sex Change as Men Get Older?

The fact is, as we age, we experience a decline in a few particular hormones. Declining testosterone, for instance, is a natural process that many men experience. Although researchers haven’t determined the precise connection, low testosterone levels have been associated with low libido. However, we’ve also noticed that this underlying issue can be affected by other factors. For example, alcohol abuse, emotional and mental stress, and depression all have negative effects on testosterone levels.

Aging also comes with the risk of developing other conditions that may lead to testosterone problems, such as thyroid gland disorders. The thyroid gland plays an important part in the production of testosterone, and certain disorders can disrupt its function.

Some men might develop circulatory issues, which can also present a problem. For one, blood gives each part of the body a dose of nutrients and vitamins. These are essential for proper functioning, and this may begin to fail with blood circulation issues. Keep in mind that blood circulation, as well as strong and healthy blood vessels in the penis, is vital for strong erections.

If you are taking medication, some of these could have a negative effect on testosterone levels and libido as well. It is important to find out about possible side effects associated with the medication that you are taking. These could be anything from antidepressants to medication for diabetes. Your doctor could have suggestions that may offset possible side effects or offer an alternative solution.

What Changes During Sex?

These many complications of aging can ultimately affect how you perform in bed. For one, you might begin to experience shorter and, sometimes, less satisfying orgasms. There might be noticeably low seminal fluid and a weak ejaculation. Younger men, tend to not need a long time to achieve another erection after ejaculation, but older men may have this issue.

Some men might also need a lot more stimulation before he is ready to participate in sexual activity. There may be a drop in confidence and in libido, which could negatively affect desire. It’s possible to start with a relatively strong erection but lose it in the middle of a session.

Aging comes with many changes for a man, and we believe it is important to keep up with all of them. You should definitely talk to a physician about some of these changes and how he or she can help reduce them. It could be as simple as making a few diet changes or changing a prescription. But if you continue to struggle with erectile dysfunction, we have a solution for you.

At CureMensED, we offer a non-invasive treatment to stimulate the growth and regeneration of new blood vessels in the penis. To learn more about our low-energy shock wave therapy, or to see if you’re a candidate, call us at 1.800.831.2234.