Am I a candidate for this treatment?
If you have experienced ED and are free of prostate cancer, have not had prior pelvic radiation, or extensive pelvic surgery, you are likely a good candidate.

Does insurance cover the cost of Regenawave™?
No. Typically insurance does not cover this treatment. However, payment arrangements offering payment plans and healthcare financing are available. Someone in the office would be able to discuss options more thoroughly.

How long is the treatment?
This treatment is not time consuming. It usually consists of a total of 6 treatments administered 2 times per week for 3 weeks. Each treatment takes approximately 15 minutes.

How can I find out if I am a candidate for Regenawave™?
You will be evaluated in the office by a medical doctor. He will take a thorough history, and brief exam, then let you know if you are a candidate for the treatment.

Will I have to wait long to start the treatment?
Most men are very anxious to start treatment as soon as the doctor confirms they are good candidates. We do our best to schedule them as soon as possible. When possible, we can begin treatment the same day as the evaluation. If that is not possible, we expedite scheduling in order to minimize the wait. We offer weekend and evening appointments so treatment does not interfere with work schedules.

How does it work?
Regenawave™ works by increasing blood flow to the area resulting in regeneration of blood vessels to restore natural, spontaneous erections. It targets the most common source of ED….blood flow. It is a solution, not a temporary, quick fix.

Will I need continuous treatment like l need continuous pills?
No. Most men enjoy natural, spontaneous erections after the typical 6 treatment regimen.

Will I still need to use pills like Viagra and Cialis?
Most men are able to discontinue use of pills and injections once blood flow is re-established. This allows for spontaneous erections without pills or injections.

Greater than 70% of men who fail pill therapy (Viagra®, CIALIS®, LEVITRA, etc) prior to therapy will be able to maintain erections sufficient for penetration with or without pills after treatment.

Does age matter:
No. Age is not a determining factor in patients who are candidates for Regenawave™. Don’t let age prevent you from pursuing your dreams, be ready when she is!

Has it been too long with ED to expect results?
No. It doesn’t matter how long you have suffered with ED. You may still be a candidate for Regenawave™ therapy to correct your ED and regain your sex life.

What if pills didn’t work in the past?
That’s even a better reason to see if you are a candidate for Regenawave™! Regenawave™ restores blood flow to the penis and results in regeneration of blood vessels allowing erections in the vast majority of patients.

I was told my ED is due to my diabetes and that it is to be expected. Can Regenawave™ help?
Yes. ED is common in diabetics because it damages blood vessels in the body. If the blood vessels are not heathy, there will not be healthy blood flow, which is absolutely necessary for erection. Regenawave™ restores blood flow and by regenerating blood vessels allows for normal erections
Poor blood flow is exactly what Regenawave™ targets to correct. It is the most common source of ED. If you have diabetes and suffer with ED, you a likely a good candidate for Regenawave™.

Are there any side effects with Regenawave™?
There are no serious side effects associated with Regenawave™. Some men can have minor redness , but it is mild and temporary.

Is it painful?
No. It is non-invasive and painless. Men describe it as pressure NOT pain.

What if stress is not your whole problem?
Many men suffer from an inability to form or maintain an erection during times of stress and attribute the entire problem to a psychological cause. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. Achieving and maintaining an erection requires a delicate balance of vascular forces acting upon the penis. In times of stress, the body increases production of noradrenalin, a chemical from the sympathetic nervous system, which causes an increase in blood pressure and pulse, and likewise constricts (narrows) all of the arteries in our bodies. When this occurs in the arteries of the penis, this has little effect on normal young men, with robust blood flow. However, if there exists even a small degree of limited or borderline flow, as is seen in ED, this will result in the inability to form or maintain a complete erection.